Paloma Rocket has multiple rooms with different uses and capabilities.
All different uses are available separately or in any combination for private events.



Our live performance venue with 42 seats and a full bar and DJ booth, ticketed flexible seating , and a stage and dance floor
complete with mixing desk, PA system, and lighting.



A “chill” DJ and VJ room with lounge seating and a dancefloor, The Cooler is also well suited for intimate spoken word and poetry slam events.


MDDF LOUNGE (music, dancing, drinking,food)

Dancing, drinking, lounging, watching, eating the worlds greatest pizza, catching your breath, sitting at the bar or in a booth, anything goes.


Video and sound from The Hotbox and The Cooler during live performances are available in all rooms allowing for increased ticket sales and free travel between all rooms during events. Professional staffing available includes sound engineer, stage manager and lighting as well security and ticket and box office management which can be utilized by outside promoters and bookers. We provide the flexibility to have paid ticketing or cover charges to facilitate artist payment.